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Serve It Forward! Country Club of Culpeper Members Donate Nearly 600 Meals

In partnership with the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce, the members of the Country Club of Culpeper have donated nearly 600 meals for area workers on the front line of the Covid-19 crisis.  The Country Club of Culpeper has closed its’ clubhouse except for takeout orders and saw this as an opportunity to do something positive and to help our local heroes as well as provide a way to keep their employees working.  “This is a win-win situation!  People are looking for ways to help the heroes that are risking their health and well being to keep our community healthy and safe.  CCC is trying hard to stay open to continue to provide service and value to our members.  This program helps with both of those initiatives.  We want to thank the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce for organizing this meal drive.”  Larry Lucas, President of the Board for the Country Club of Culpeper.


“We are proud of our community and the way they have rallied around each other in this time of need,” Culpeper Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Jeff Say said. “The Country Club of Culpeper was quick to volunteer their kitchen and resources to keep our first responders and medical professionals nourished while they are serving on the front lines. These donations just continue to show Culpeper’s caring nature and we want to make sure to highlight all the good our residents are doing. We’re proud of you all!”


Members that have private companies have jumped on Board to provide meals for other populations in need right now.  “SuperSuds is thrilled to be able to give back to the community by providing meals for area children every other week during this crisis at its Culpeper Town Square Mall location,” commented Bob Schwartz, owner of SuperSuds. Robertson Custom Homes is doing the same for the Department of Social Services

“We love that our members are pulling together to provide a solution on a couple of different fronts. This program perfectly embodies that popular phrase being used around the world “we will get through this together!””  said Kris Johnson, GM, Country Club of Culpeper.