Ladies Golf

The Ladies Golf Association (LGA) at the Country Club of Culpeper in VA Provides Women with Competitive and Friendly Golf Outings

LGA Mission Statement in VA

The LGA in VA meets and plays golf together for several reasons:

  1. For our collective love of the game of golf.
  2. For the friendships we form and the fun we have.  We hit good shots (rejoicing) and bad shots (trying to laugh and move on).
  3. We wish to learn from each other.
  • There is a tradition of respect and honor in golf. We respect our fellow VA golfers, being courteous and polite.  We honor the dignity of our fellow golfers by being kind and patient with each other.  We take care to sign up as required in a timely fashion and to notify the Ladies Day committee if we have to cancel.
  • We respect the golf courses we play.  We try to obey the instructions we receive so that the course remains in good condition.
  • We want to teach the various many rules of golf to those who are newer to the game.  We take advantage of opportunities to share our experience and knowledge.


President: Ann Dufrane
Vice-President: Lisa Rand
Treasurer: Priscilla Hilton
Secretary: Suzie Walrich

2019 Committees

Ladies’ Days (Tuesdays): Joanne Durr, Priscilla Hilton, Barbara Waters, Suzie Walrich, Sandra Fulton
Union Bank Tournament: May 14th
Member Guest Tournament: Priscilla Hilton, Joanne Durr Date: TBD
Club Championship: Ann Dufrane Date: TBD
President’s Cup: Ann Dufrane:  Date: TBD August/Sept
Ryder Cup: Lisa Rand and Cindy Thornhill Date: TBD
Golf Team: Ann Dufrane
Sunshine: Suzie and Izzy
Publicity: Cindy Thornhill
Christmas Luncheon: Priscilla, Joanne, and Sandra
Rules and Greens: Elizabeth Davis
Annual Trip: (Shen Valle) Barbara Waters

If anyone would like to join a committee, please get in touch with Ann Dufrane as help is always needed and appreciated.

LGA News

The Culpeper LGA team is currently tied for third place out of nine teams in our league.

The third match is coming up this week at Fauquier Springs Club followed by the fourth match at the Gauntlet with the number one team, Green Hills. Team members: Ann DuFrane, Priscilla Hilton, Elizabeth Davis, Lisa Rand, Joanne Durr, Cindy Thornhill, and Sandra Fulton are out practicing daily to maintain their edge!

A shout out and prayers for one of our own, Susie Walrich, who is under the weather and one of our best supporters of women’s golf. She is also working on the First Annual Jr. Open Golf Tournament committee.

The BIG JULY EVENT for the Club is sponsoring it’s First Annual Jr. Open Golf Tournament on Monday, July 29th at 8:00am start with the older kids first up. The event is for players from 9 to 18 years old. Open to all youth from the surrounding areas, schools, and clubs. The younger group 9-12 years old division will play 9 holes and the older will play 18 holes. There will be prizes in both the boys and girls divisions. Players may use a caddie. The Club will host a pool party following the tournament and the cost is $25/player. Non-players may attend the party for $10/person. The pool party is over at 4:00pm and includes picnic food.

1st Annual Junior Golf Open Flyer

1st Annual Junior Golf Registration Form

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