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Country Club of Culpeper on The Golf Channel

Women on Course  is a national community for business professionals and lifestyle enthusiasts interested in connecting through the game of golf and all it has to offer.  CCC has a couple of women who are members of Women on Course.  They were told about an opportunity to make a video for the Golf Channel about the positive impact golf has had on them during the Covid-19 pandemic.   They decided to include some ladies from CCC and film it at CCC.  The actual video was about 8 minutes long and featured 6 women/members from the Club.  What aired on the Golf Channel was a compilation of many videos submitted but…CCC did manage to snag a couple of seconds.  View for yourself…about 1:40 into the video.  Thank you Monica Christian and Kiley Doll and the video production company, JGdesign Media and Timeless Moments Photos.